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"We are not a pet shop. We don't just sell stuff for dogs. We provide services and solutions for clients who love their dogs!"

Advice on Dog Care

Our Canine Carers are experts on the welfare of dogs. We happily provide free professional advice from staff that are trained and understand what is best for your dog. We are a family owned business, not associated with any suppliers, pet stores or drug companies. Dogoverboard's trained staff will offer you professional help in selecting the most appropriate product and grooming tools for your specific circumstances. Our knowledge is gained by training and years of experience based on servicing over 100 healthy dogs a day. This gives us the leading edge in canine care knowledge particularly involving bathing, grooming, diet, coat and skin condition, flea and tick treatments, hygiene, leads and accessories. Our staff recommend products based on proven results, the suitability for your dog's specific condition and feedback from other satisfied owners.

Bathing and Dog Hygiene

We are able to recommend the correct bathing and hygiene products including soap free shampoos, medicated shampoos, conditioners, anti-itch treatments and colognes for your dog. No matter how big or small, the coat type or condition, we are experienced in giving confident advice on what is correct for your dog. Do you realise that many shampoos on the market either wipe out or reduce the effectiveness of long term topical flea treatments such as Frontline and Advantix. We use and sell shampoos and conditioners that are compatible with long term flea control products. We use and recommend Fido's Everyday Soap Free shampoo. We also specialise in anti-itch treatments and advice on management of minor skin complaints, itching and hot spots. We stock a range of products to help the dog's skin and coat. But remember always seek advise from your veterinarian if the problem persists. Dogoverboard recommends a good vet/dog relationship.

Flea, Tick and Worming Control

Dogoverboard sell and recommend flea and tick treatments that work. We are able to find the best solution for your dog breed and environment to provide you with the most effective flea and tick preventative and management plans. We stock flea control products that we recommend such as Nexgard, Frontline, Advantix, Comfortis, Sentinel and Capstar. We stock Preventix tick collars, Fido's flea shampoos and rinses, Fleatrol flea sprays, Heartgard and Endogard worming tablets. Discuss your special requirements with our staff.

Grooming Tools

It is a lot easier to keep your dog looking good between grooms if you have the correct grooming tools for your dog and have been properly advised on how to use them. We sell and offer advice on the proper use of grooming tools, brushes and combs applicable to your dog.

Tear Staining - The Proven Natural Solution - Angels' Eyes

Dogoverboard stocks and recommends Angels' Eyes to eliminate unsightly tear stains. Angels' Eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth, feet and coat due to licking. Angles' Eyes is a natural product that is added to the dog's food. It really works! Unlike drops and other liquid products, Angels' Eyes works from the inside out. Our canine carers can advise and help you achieve a stain-free dog.

Dog Anxiety - The Solution - Thundershirt

Dogoverboard stocks and recommends the revolutionary Thundershirt to reduce anxiety in dogs. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and the owner usually resorts to drugs and other forms of medication. Sedatives may help in severe cases but usually must be administered well before the anxiety advent and it lasts long after the anxiety has passed. The Thundershirt reduces anxiety for dogs suffering from such problems as fireworks, separation, thunder, travel, barking and jumping. Whenever a dog is anxious, fearful or over-excited the Thundershirts' gentle constant pressure can calm and bring relief. Over 80% of dog owners report significantly reduced anxiety symptoms when their dogs use the Thundershirt. The coat's pressure reassures the dog; its like given the dog a cuddle. It is critical that the Thundershirt is the exact right size for the dog. Dogoverboard's canine carers are able to measure and fit the coat for your dog.

Designer Accessories

Browse through our selection of leads, collars, aids and harnesses. Or select a special dog coat or mat bed for your loved one. Our dog coats are easy to fit zippered styles without bulky straps which can be uncomfortable for a dog. Our comfy dog mats look great and are easy to launder in the washing machine and do not fall apart. Beds help to keep the dog clean and flea free and gives them their own space.

Toys & Training Aids

Looking for unusual or the most practical toys for your dog? We stock a range of quality toys, training aids and puppy teething toys.

Is your dog difficult to walk? Does it pull or is it a handful for your children? Let us show you the solution, we recommend and fit the Gentle Leader head collar.

Australian Produced Dog Treats

How about treats that are really good for your dog? Our doggy treats are fresh and the best. Dogoverboard source only the best, natural and fresh Australian produced dog treats. We do not sell imported dog treats. Most pet shops source processed treats from overseas, especially China. These overseas treats are full of preservatives, fillers and anti-oxidants. Poorly processed overseas-sourced dog food has the potential to harm and can cause death in your dog. Our natural liver pieces, roo sticks, pigs ears, pig snouts, roo flap sticks and others are fresh, locally processed and genuine Australian produce. Look after your dogs health and diet by only giving genuine Australian produced fresh treats.
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