Dog Swimming


Swimming is Healthy

Swimming is an ideal means of ensuring your dog's fitness and is very beneficial for your dog's long term health and wellbeing. Just like with humans, swimming allows nearly all muscles to be exercised without the impact concussion of walking or running.

Pool Specially Designed for Dogs

Dogoverboard's heated swimming pool is specially designed for hydrotherapy dogs and also for healthy dogs to have fun. It is not a small above ground pool as used by other operators. The pool is a 15m indoor in-ground pool with a purpose built walk-in side ramp to allow all size dogs easy entry and exit from the pool. It is the only dog-specific public pool in NSW. The pool is heated and filtered all year round. The pool water is quality controlled and is hygienically cleaner than required for domestic pools. Dogs benefit from swimming in heated water as distinct from cold ocean or lake water as cold water for dogs can cause constriction of the blood vessels near the skin and to the superficial muscles.

Exercise Without Stress

Swimming helps to improve general fitness and stamina, improves muscle tone and assists recovery from injury or operation without any restrictive stress on the dog's body. It is also great fun and socialisation for active dogs. Stronger toned muscles help protect dogs against injuries sustained during normal impact exercise such as running or jumping for balls. For a dog, a 5 minute swim is equivalent to a 5km run.

Weight Loss and Swim Exercise

For dogs that are overweight or cannot be exercised regularly, swimming provides supportive high return low-impact exercise. It is difficult and sometimes unhealthy to give an overweight dog sufficient low-impact exercise on land without over stressing bones, joints and the cardiovascular systems of the dog. A controlled build-up of swimming provides dogs with ideal exercise to assist fitness and compliment diet management for weight loss.

Day Stay, Swim and Socialise

Dogoverboard offer day stay/swim packages for active dogs who love to swim, have fun and socialise. Dogs are guaranteed a minimum of 3 hours per day swim and pool fun time. Appointments are necessary for the day care swim package.

Drop-In and Check Us Out

Our Newcastle based dog swimming pool is open 7 days a week and is an off leash area. If you supervise your dog, whether for fun or therapy, you do not need to book. Just drop-in any time. The pool rules are simple. The dog and owner must have fun. The owner must supervise the dog within the large pool enclosure. You share the pool with other doggy swimmers.

The pool can be booked for special events such as dog pool parties, Greyhound fitness and canine hydrotherapy. If you wish to have exclusive use of the canine pool, you can book in half hour increments and have the pool ALL to yourself.
Dog swimming — Dogoverboard in Adamstown, NSW
Dog swimming lesson — Dogoverboard in Adamstown, NSW