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Day Care

Doggy Day Care

Dogoverboard provides day care for both adult dogs and puppies. We aim to provide fun, care and socialisation based on your dog's size, temperament and age. Proof of your dog's current vaccination is mandatory. All day care dogs must be social and calm.

Fun and Socialisation

Our trained Newcastle Canine Carers love looking after your special doggy friend. Day care gives your dog a secure and fun time away from home. It is stimulating and the socialisation helps to make your dog confident and eliminate separation anxiety. Your dog will be socialised with other similar day care dogs, taken for toilet walks and given personal attention by our loving Canine Carers. Day stay with swimming is particularly popular for swimming breeds such as gun dogs, working dogs, retrievers and all dogs that love water. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels and Labradoodles particularly, regularly swim at Dogoverboard. Swimming exercise helps to calm and tire your dog which also reduces barking problems. To ensure that all day stay dogs and puppies are cared for professionally we restrict the number of dogs and puppies cared for per day. Puppies are socialised in a secure supervised area away from adult dogs. Small dogs are not usually socialised with large dogs.

Privileged Day Care Client

Privileged day stay clients are assured of additional day stay places or other services such as grooming and bathing with day stay at short notice. They also qualify for a day care discount if grooming or full bathing services are carried out during the day stay. To qualify for privilege day care status, the dog must attend day care at least twice per week on a permanent booking. Non-attendance for more than 2 weeks or a no show (without suitable explanation), twice over a 2 month period, can revert the dog to casual day care prices and conditions.

Casual Day Care Client

Dogoverboard accepts a limited number of casual day stay bookings depending on availability and dog breed. We can not guarantee that casual spots will be available at short notice.

Day Stay Swim Package

For dogs that love to swim or just have lots of fun in the water, we offer our day care swim package. These dogs socialise in and around the large pool and are guaranteed a minimum of 3 hours per day pool access.

Special Needs Care

Your dog may benefit from day care whilst you are not at home if it experiences separation anxiety. Socialisation and care from our loving staff will help lessen the dependency and help reduce home-alone anxiety. Dogs that have been desexed or recovering from other surgery can be cared for whilst you are at work or away from home. In these situations, the dog is kept on its own and given attention by our Canine Carer staff.

Day Care Rules

Dogoverboard only accepts dogs that are sociable, vaccinated, clean and well behaved. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate day care without explanation. Day care services can be refused due to unsociable behaviour including aggression to other dogs or humans, excessive barking, being unhealthy, having excessive fleas and dirty appearance, not being vaccinated or being an un-desexed male dog.

Appointments And Hours

Appointments are necessary for day care. It is wise to book well in advance. Our day care hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Limited day care is available on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM until 4:00PM at an extra charge. Our open hours are strict and late fees will be charged for any dog not picked by close of business.

Puppy Crèche

Don't want to leave your cute puppy at home alone? Dogoverboard provides day care for puppies in our Newcastle puppy crèche. We aim to provide fun, care and socialisation with other puppies. Day care is particularly important for the socialisation of young puppies. Dogoverboard accepts a limited number of puppies for care in our puppy crèche. Puppies are supervised at all times and socialised with other puppies in the reception area or doggy play enclosures. Interaction with our trained Canine Carers helps toileting, socialisation and builds confidence.

Caring and Contentment For Your Puppy

Dogoverboard offers contentment and security for your puppy. You can leave your puppy to be nurtured by caring staff during the day. Puppies have fun meeting and playing with other puppies and are provided with lots of love and attention by our Canine Carers. We accept puppies for day care from 8 weeks of age as long as the puppy has had its first vaccination and worming. The puppy crèche is supervised at all times. Puppies are not socialised with adult dogs, and are housed in their own puppy play area. Very young puppies are kept alone until immunisation is completed. The owner can provide play toys for their puppy's enjoyment. Our Canine Carers are also able to feed owner-supplied meals for a small additional cost.

Appointments And Hours

To ensure that puppies are cared for professionally we restrict the number of puppies cared for per day. Appointments are necessary for puppy crèche. It is wise to book in advance. Our day care hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Puppy day care can also be arranged on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM until 4:00PM for an additional cost.