About Us

Dogoverboard is the most comprehensive speciality canine care centre for healthy dogs in Australia. We offer a wide range of canine services for healthy dogs by our fully trained and experienced Canine Carers. Our canine services include professional dog grooming, bathing, DIY bathing and drying, day care, puppy crèche, puppy preschool, canine hydrotherapy and fun swimming, canine massage and canine myofunctional therapy.

Dogoverboard was developed into a speciality canine care centre by the owner Cheryl Shaw in 2001. Cheryl has many qualifications in canine care and canine therapy including CAH (Companion Animal Hygienist), Canine Massage, Canine Myofunctional Therapies and Canine Behaviour. Cheryl is an absolute dog lover and loves all dog breeds but has a special love for her four standard poodles, Aprillia, Verdelho, Vanity Fair and Archie. Cheryl's husband David is the Business Manager and her daughter Zara is a Senior Style Groomer and champion canine nail artist.

We are proud of the reputation, integrity, knowledge, quality of services and high standards that we have achieved in the canine care, and especially in the Newcastle dog grooming industry over the past 14 years. Our success comes from our quality of service, management and staff experience, staff training and education, canine knowledge, the honesty of our staff and our absolute focus on treating all dogs humanely and with respect. Our services, advice and motivation in delivering canine care are never influenced by product sales or add on services. We do what is best for your loved companion.

Dogoverboard is recognised as an industry leader in professional dog grooming. Our full time experienced Pet Stylists are trained to breed specific standards and competition levels. We do not employ casual or poorly trained dog groomers. Our groomers are regarded as the best quality style groomers in Newcastle and Hunter regions. They regularly attend professional development education seminars and grooming competitions to ensure their skills and techniques are completely up to date. Our groomers compete at the highest levels at industry recognised professional grooming competitions. We are also renowned for innovation and creativity in pet styling. Our groomers love the challenge of doing the unusual and making all dogs look and feel wonderful. From a simple pet trim to a personally requested style, body colouring or designer nails, you can rely on us.

In October 2015, Cheryl Shaw the owner of Dogoverboard was appointed to the Board of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA). Cheryl is the Director of Grooming for Australia and is the only woman on the Board of Directors.

Our Staff

Our staff are passionate about everything dogs. They share your passion for your dog and love all dogs. You can trust our advice as it is based on extensive experience, canine knowledge and it not influenced by product sales.

Our Mission

Dogoverboard subscribes to the highest professional pet industry standards and values in the care and grooming of your loved dog. We deliver personalised service from trained staff that have the utmost concern for the humane treatment of all dogs.

Dogoverboard is a Grooming Member of PIAA (Pet Industry Association of Australia) and as such conforms to the grooming salon code of ethics and the pet industry standards of professional and humane care providing quality friendly service.

  • Is an independent, local Newcastle family business, owned and developed by Cheryl Shaw since 2001
  • Awarded the best Pet Care business in the Hunter region 2014 by Local Business Awards - the pet care category included veterinarians, pet shops, boarding kennels and canine behaviourists
  • Treats all dogs humanly with respect and love - as such we carry out all services in open view of the public
  • Does not use any form of sedation, drugs, cage drying or restraining harnesses - these inhumane practices are often used by other groomers
  • Employs, trains and supports over 25 local Newcastle staff
  • Employs our staff as permanent full time employees - we do not put off staff, reduce hours in quiet periods or employ poorly trained unskilled casual groomers during the hot busy months
  • Provides ongoing professional development and mentoring to ensure that our groomers are the best and most competent pet stylists - our groomers must have achieved 3 years full time mentoring by a Senior Style Groomer before being classified as a Style Groomer
  • Fully trains our canine carers in grooming, professional dog bathing and drying, brushing and dog handling and the use of appropriate products and tools for all dog breeds
  • Is a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) and participates in biannual ongoing training, international grooming competitions & professional development seminars by international and Australian experts
  • Is recognised as a leader in the dog grooming industry in Australia; as such our knowledge, grooming expertise and canine care knowledge is much sought after
  • Supports charities, schools, TAFE and employment agencies to encourage work placement in the pet care industry
  • Financially and actively supports the RSPCA, Delta Society & Hunter Animal Rescue (HAR)
  • Is a member of the Delta Society Red Bandanna Club as such we fully sponsor a Delta dog, a standard poodle called Harley
  • Understands and offers genuine professional advice based on what is good for your specific dog and breed. We will not compromise the welfare of any dog, as such we provide all services and products with the highest knowledge and ethical standards
  • Is not associated with or influenced by any other companies, wholesalers, pet shops or multi-national pet retail stores
  • Loves and cares for each dog as if it was our own

General Conditions of Use of Our Facilities

For the welfare of all dogs, dog owners, staff and others that utilise Dogoverboard's services, the following simple general rules must be complied with:

  1. All dogs must be fully vaccinated; Puppies, booked into the puppy crèche, must have started their vaccination program.
  2. Dogs must enter and exit Dogoverboard on a short lead, under tight control. Dogs should not be allowed to interfere with other dogs and owners. Leads and collars may only be removed in the bath and swimming pool areas.
  3. Our prices are reasonable and industry average. They are based of the amount of effort and skills required to prepare, bath, dry, groom and clip your dog. Our standard pricing assumes your dog is groomed regularly, at least a minimum of eight weeks between grooms. We will give estimated-only prices over the phone based on our regular pricing. This price is not a quote as we have not seen the dog. Pricing may vary due to matting, dirty condition, aggression or size of dog and coat.
  4. Pricing may change without notice and is usually adjusted for CPI annually.
  5. Payments are required on the day for all services. We prefer cash and accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards and EFTPOS cards. There is a small fee for the use of credit cards.
  6. Dogs must be taken for a toilet walk before entering Dogoverboard. Dogs should not be taken from a car and immediately into Dogoverboard. The dog needs to relieve itself to be comfortable and relaxed.
  7. Owners are responsible to clean-up after their dog both inside and outside of Dogoverboard. This includes wee and poo and excess dog hair in the bath and drying areas for DIY clients. A pooper scooper, bags and bin are provided outside front entry. Paper towels and disinfectant are also available.
  8. Due to the high risk of cross infection, Dogoverboard does not provide shared water bowls. All dogs are provided with individual water bowls.
  9. Owners must respect other dogs and their owners. The pool area must be shared with other dogs. If a dog is unsociable, it must be removed. Humans must not interfere with, pat, or harass other dogs.
  10. Owners understand that the floor and pool areas may be wet and they must take care in all areas. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  11. Due to privacy regulations, taking photos or videos within Dogoverboard is prohibited unless permission is obtained from management.
  12. To keep our facilities flea free, any dog with fleas will be administered a tablet of Capstar which kills all fleas on the dog within 30 minutes. There is an additional cost.
  13. Dogoverboard reserves the right to refuse or terminate services without explanation. Our services can be refused due to unsociable behaviour, including aggression to other dogs or humans, excessive barking, being unhealthy, having excessive fleas and dirt, being a complete male or not showing proof of being vaccinated.
  14. Dogs may be isolated during the day if any signs of illness, coughing, excessive barking or aggression are shown. Owners will be informed and will be required to pick up their dog earlier than the arranged time.
  15. Dogoverboard has a responsibility of care for all dogs. If a dog is booked in for a service and is not picked up within a reasonable time after the agreed pick up time, the dog will be cared for in our doggy day care. A reduced day care fee will be added to the services provided.
  16. Dogs must be picked up before 5pm Monday to Friday and before 4 pm Saturday and Sunday. Dogoverboard is not licensed to hold or board dogs outside of business hours. A fee will be charged for late pick-ups. The late pick-up fee may vary but is currently set at $10 for ever 10 minutes or part thereof late. If a dog is not picked up within 60 minutes of closing time, to ensure the dog's safety, the dog will be placed in boarding at Dogoverboard's Vet or the RSPCA. The owner is responsible for all late and boarding fees.
  17. We request that you inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment time if you are unable to attend. Failure to attend your appointment prevents other client's dogs being groomed and is an added cost to our business.
  18. Because we love all dogs, we welcome special needs dogs. Our style groomers and canine carers have been trained by Cheryl to take careful loving care with all of our dogs. Grooming some special needs dogs may take two or even three groomers instead of one groomer. Or the groomer may have to slow down and take a much longer time to provide calming care. In the end it takes much longer than planned to provide the grooming service. At all times, we ensure that our dogs are not put under stress and that they enjoy the grooming experience. As we can not tell from day-to-day how some of our dogs are going to react when being groomed, it is impossible for us to plan for these types of delays. Some days we may have no dogs with special needs and other days we may be overwhelmed. Providing this level of care, results in us sometimes running behind time. Of course, this is upsetting to us as well as our clients, but we will not compromise the safety, welfare and comfort of our dogs by rushing or cutting corners.
  19. Dogoverboard uses Fido's Everyday Soap Free Shampoo for all bathing. We are very experienced with and sell other special shampoos and sensitive skin shampoos and treatments. If you wish to have your dog washed or treated with other products, these are available to purchase and we will use them on your dog. Dogoverboard staff are experienced with the correct methods and applications of all types of shampoos, conditioners, rinsers, quit itch applications and medicated shampoo treatments. We can also store your shampoos and conditioners for use at your next appointment.
  20. All dogs and their carers must enjoy themselves and have a fun time.


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